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Why waste time and money on things that your competitors fix faster, cheaper and easier than what you or your IT department can do? With us you make life easier for yourself.

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Hosting / Operation / IT-services
You deliver the best IT service and operational services

Software as a service

You build and deliver modern SaaS solutions

Inhouse IT manager
You take care of the IT support for your business

Why Cloudist?

If you want a cloud solution that is "fast, simple and secure", then that is a good start. Add these goodies and it couldn't get any better:

The services are delivered from the world's most secure data center.

No lock-in period
Start when you're ready. Scale as needed. Exit when you're done.

100% anticipated costs
Yes, we promise! And we are quite alone in that.

Closer to your goals
Delivered from one of the world's most sustainable data center. In Sweden!

Cloud services

Virtual Data Center

The power you need, with full control and reassuring VMware behind it all.

Cloudist VDC is a scalable, purpose-built IaaS solution, enabling our technology partners to run their customer's infrastructure on an hourly basis. Through a single pane of glass, operators can create, customize, and manage in the most effective and quickest way.

Cloud Connect

Back online in no time - optimal protection for all your data to, from and within the cloud.

Many companies struggle with their critical data and above all, how to secure it and have it available when the disaster emerges. Cloudist Cloud Connect assists you to secure the data all the way from your application to the old, but important archive files. And with Cloudist Cloud Connect you always get a Plan B for your critical servers.

Online Backup

Automates everything - advanced functions for increased preparedness as threats grow larger.

With Cloudist Online Backup, you get a secure, fast, and cost-effective backup solution that eliminates your need for investment costs. You get the ability to quickly scale up your backup solution as your customers grow – without having to invest in expensive new hardware.

S3 Storage

Discover how object storage helps your business grow

Cloudist S3 Storage - optimized for scalability, compatibility, long-term storage and availability. A secure and highly versatile storage service designed to address a wide variety of use cases.

Disaster Recovery

Sustainable cloud-based recovery as a service - for when disaster strikes.

Cloudist is your one-stop-shop for cloud services and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) that's secure, intuitive and affordable - and delivered from sustainable data centers.

365 Backup

Secure backup for your MicroSoft 365 services

To be able to quickly bounce back from ransomware attacks, user errors and even permissions fiascos you need a comprehensive backup. Cloudist 365 Backup is adapted for Office 365, Sharepoint, Teams and more.

One stop
shop portal

All in one place

All the IT ingredients you need, served just the way you want them – just pick.

Make it your own

Rebrand the portal as your own in just a few minutes — perfect for you as an IT provider.

Take it easy

All services are delivered via secure data centers in Sweden, Protected by Swedish law.


Scale up. Scale down – when you want. The cost is only based on your daily usage without the need for hardware investment.

”We got a fantastic partnership with Cloudist to make sure that our customers data is in safe hands. The self-service portal gives us the possibility to deliver a wide range of services with full flexibility and control of the customers consumption, regardless of size.”
— Per Gabrielsson / CEO Tell Sverige

”We got an amazing partnership with Cloudist that ensures that our customers' data are in safe hands. The portal gives us the opportunity to offer a wide range of services with full flexibility and control over the client’s consumption, regardless of their size.”

— Johannes Bunne / CEO Kiwision AB

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