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We believe that cloud based digitalization is the future. But what if there is no future? Offering fast, easy, secure, flexible cloud based solutions does not make a future. Today cloud services are contributing up to 3.7% of CO2 emissions. As a comparison, the aviation industry is at 2.5%. This must change. We have made our choice to do our part in making sure that the cloud future is green and sustainable. Our services are designed and developed in Malmö in the south of Sweden and delivered from some of the world’s greenest data centers in the north of Sweden running on green energy only.

We feel just as strongly about a few more things. Things that we also seem to be alone in thinking in our industry. First, 100% predictable costs. No surprises. Secondly, No lock-in. No commitment periods, scale as you needed. Leave when you are done. Thirdly, you can actually talk to us. Honestly. Why don’t you try it right now? Give us a call, send a DM or email and talk to us about carbon bike frames, Fulham FC, pike fishing, latest Nike SNKRS release and how your company and cloud services can become greener. Green Clouds Ahead.

Cloudist Data Centers

At Cloudist, we're proud to present our state-of-the-art data centers located in Falun and Piteå, both designed with sustainability, security, and innovation at their core. As we navigate towards a greener future, our facilities are equipped to meet the rigorous demands of modern data management while prioritizing environmental responsibility.

To ensure that all cloud services are provided via safe and sustainable data center facilities, Cloudist has entered into a strategic collaboration with EcoDataCenter Group.

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency
Our data centers in Falun and Piteå utilize 100% renewable energy from wind and hydropower. The strategic location in northern Sweden allows us to utilize free cooling for large parts of the year.

Designed for Excellence and Accessibility
Both locations can boast high availability standards. Falun is designed as a Tier 3+ data center, and Piteå as Tier 2+, ensuring high availability. They both have protection class 3.

Security and Reliability
Both sites have alarm systems directly connected to emergency services and alarm centers. Falun has Alarm Class 3 and Piteå has Alarm Class 2. They also have VESDA fire detection and 3M Novec 1230 extinguishing systems HVO 100 in Falun and an ongoing transition to HVO100 in Piteå.

Cutting-edge Technology and Staffing
UPS, backup power, cooling systems, etc., in Falun are built with a 2N standard, and in Piteå with a N+1 standard. Both Falun and Piteå have personnel available 24/7 to ensure continuous operation and can promptly respond to any incidents.

Certifications and Standards
Our data centers are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 certified, and EN 50600 certified in Falun.

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Cloudist and ISO 27001

Cloudist is ISO 27001 certified. ISO 27000 is a family of international standards focused on information security management systems (ISMS). It provides a comprehensive framework for keeping your company's data secure, ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability. By adhering to ISO 27000 standards, Cloudist demonstrate our commitment to implementing best practices in data security and risk management.

Cloudist and the northern lights

There are seven natural wonders of the world. Only one of them are in the clouds. The northern lights.

Just like Scandinavian values as equality and democracy, the northern lights are an important part of our origin and heritage. Since ancient times people has been amazed by the northern lights and tried to relate to it through myths and legends. Among the Sámi, one of the world's indigenous people and one of Sweden's official national minorities based in the north, it was important to meet the northern lights with respect.

That respect is needed now more than ever. With the growing levels of cloud cover driven by climate change, we face a very real possibility that the northern lights will become hidden from our line of sight.

By having the northern lights’ beauty and struggles as a guiding light for our sustainability work, green product offering and inspiration for our visual identity. We hope to do our bit to try to ensure that the greatest light show on earth can stay a highly visible reminder that we need to do our part for a sustainable future for cloud services and all of us here on this planet.

We might have our heads in the clouds but we stand firmly with our feets on the ground.

Green Clouds Ahead

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