Welcome aboard, Thomas. Green Clouds Ahead!

Cloudist is expanding in all directions. To maintain the positive trend of new customers and the development of services and platforms, Cloudist has recruited Thomas Lundström as the new Head of Development.

He will be responsible for leading the development team and driving projects in the areas of innovation and sustainable technology.

"We are pleased to welcome Thomas as Head of Development to our team. With his extensive experience, leadership, technical expertise, and innovative mindset, we look forward to taking our product development to new green heights and confidently meeting the challenges of the future and the planet." - Jasenko Masic, CEO of Cloudist.

"It feels exciting, fun, and definitely challenging to be a part of the important journey that Cloudist is making as a company and to take the next step together. I hope to make a real difference for the company and am convinced that we have exciting times ahead." - Thomas Lundström, Head of Development.

If you want to know more about Thomas, Cloudist, and our green cloud services, do not hesitate to contact us.


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