Cloudist S3 is growing and getting new features


Launch of the S3 service from our region in Piteå, which creates a proximity to customers in the northern regions. Through this launch, we now offer the opportunity for geographical redundancy.

Cloudist S3 grows to more regions and gets new features

What is new?

First news is that we launch the S3 service from our region in Piteå, which creates a proximity to customers in the northern regions. By opening up a new region, the door is opened for a more multifaceted service where we can now meet the requirement for geographical replication or the eligibility for geographical location of the data.

We also take the opportunity to give the interfaces a new suit in the portal and implement IAM (identity access management) which in turn opens the door to a highly sought-after function called Object Lock. Object Lock enables you to save data in a way that prevents it from being changed, not even by the administrator himself. In this way, you can easily protect data, files or objects against e.g. ransomware.

Everything is still 100% located within Sweden’s borders and easy as a partner to resell to give end customers the most optimal strategy for their storage.

See our price list for more information about it – Price list

Highlights of the service

Cost effective

Cloudist S3 is consumed in a simple way, you pay for what you actually store in the service and nothing more. We do not charge for traffic costs (egress & ingress). We measure your usage on monthly basis and you will be charged accordingly. Very predictable, simply put.


S3 storage is saved on systems that extend over many nodes and divide the data between them, this provides an incredible security at the local level that the data is there when you need it. If you want, it is easy to create the bucket that is replicated across both our regions for that little extra sense of security.

Easy to get going, easy to use

Starting the service takes a few minutes and then you are up and running. Easy and free if you just want to test. Cloudist S3 service can scale to exabytes (1 Exabyte is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes) so there is always room.

What is S3 object storage?

S3 Object Storage, also known as S3-compatible storage, is an abbreviation for Simple Storage Service and was developed by AWS. Instead of organizing files in directories, object storage systems store files in buckets and use unique IDs to retrieve them. It is easy and fast to install and compatible with thousands of software and storage systems.

What does the object storage market look like?

The market for object storage is valued today at about $ 15 billion and has an annual growth (CAGR) of about 14%. The need for smart, simple and, above all, affordable storage is enormous and is growing exponentially in most industries. Everything from images and media to backup data and documents where the storage time must be 5, 10 or more years need to be saved in a sustainable and secure way, where object storage enters the image as a clear winner.

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