Prevent Ransomware attacks with Cloudist DataLock


Don't take chances! Protect your backups from ransomware attacks with Cloudist VDC Backup and DataLock.

According to research by Cybersecurity Ventures, every 11 seconds a business falls victim to a ransomware attack. Unfortunately, it can take organizations months to recover, even after they are forced to pay the ransom.

But what if the attackers target your backups as well? That's where Cloudist VDC Backup comes in.

With our new DataLock feature, we provide immutability in our backup solutions to defend against ransomware attacks. Our sophisticated machine learning system continuously monitors backup data for anomalies and in the event of an attack, it recommends the last known clean copy to restore from. This helps speed up recovery time and avoid re-introducing vulnerabilities into the production environment.

We offer DataLock for free on following backup policies:

  • Premium 14 - 7 days of DataLock

  • Premium 30 - 15 days of DataLock

To access DataLock, simply log in to the portal, select Virtual Data Center, and choose the Premium 14 or Premium 30 policy. Protect your backups from ransomware attacks with Cloudist VDC Backup and DataLock.

Join the Green Cloud Revolution with Cloudist

At Cloudist, we believe in a green and sustainable future for the cloud. Our services are delivered from one of the world's most sustainable data centers powered by green hydro energy. With our commitment to 100% predictable costs, no lock-in, and excellent customer service, you can trust us to support your company's transition to a greener and climate-positive future.

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