New chapter for Cloudist


Management buy out from Ecodatacenter and start of an expansion strategy

Cloudist's management has agreed with Ecodatacenter to acquire all shares in Cloudist AB. This is done at the same time as Cloudist and Ecodatacenter begin a long-term collaboration. The buyout is financed through a new issue subscribed by the management and a number of Swedish private investors.

After the deal, Cloudist continues to be a customer of Ecodatacenter, which is a Swedish data center company with a world-leading sustainability position. The cloud services are delivered from data centers in Falun and Piteå, both of which use one hundred percent green electricity.

Cloudist is the future. Because climate-smart cloud-based digitization is in the future. Cloudist deploys infrastructure, object storage and backup-as-a-service that builds the foundation of modern IT. The business model is based on customers being offered predictable consumption without commitment periods or complicated contracts. Cloudist believes in simplicity and freedom.

Quote Jasenko Masic, CEO Cloudist AB

"Becoming independent gives us the opportunity to put full focus on developing Cloudist's climate-positive cloud platform to a whole new level. Together with our fantastic partners, we will make the Nordic IT region the greenest in Europe".

Quote Dan Andersson, CEO Ecodatacenter AB

"We look forward to finding new exciting forms of collaboration with Cloudist. We are both still driven by the same thing, that the transition to green alternatives must go faster. Now we will be able to work more focused in each area to accelerate others' green transition".

About Cloudist AB

Cloudist is a Swedish cloud provider that distinguishes itself from the big providers through

offering 100% green sustainable cloud services. Predictable costs and no lock-in. Accessible and personal service. The vision is to be the leading pioneer in green cloud services and the IT-partner’s best platform provider. Green Clouds Ahead. Read more at

About EcoDataCenter

EcoDataCenter is a world leader in sustainable data centers and runs one of the world's most sustainable data centers in Falun, where today the residual current is used for the production of pellets through a collaboration with Falu Energy and Water. The vision is that the data center should give back more to society than what we consume. By rethinking how we design critical infrastructure, we make it possible to reduce the climate impact from the world's increased need for data. EcoDataCenter is one of the few Swedish-owned data center operators. Read more at

Contact: Jasenko Masic
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