Virtual Data Center

Cloudist VDC is a scalable, purpose-built IaaS solution, enabling our technology partners to run their customer's infrastructure on an hourly basis. Through a single pane of glass, operators can create, customize, and manage in the most effective and quickest way. We keep our services simple but yet powerful and green – available from our north and central regions in Sweden.

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Cloud Connect

Many companies struggle with their critical data and above all, how to secure it and have it available when the disaster emerges. Cloudist Cloud Connect assists you to secure the data all the way from your application to the old, but important archive files. And with Cloudist Cloud Connect you always get a Plan B for your critical servers.

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Online Backup

With Cloudist Online Backup, you get a secure, fast, and cost-effective backup solution that eliminates your need for investment costs. You get the ability to quickly scale up your backup solution as your customers grow – without having to invest in expensive new hardware.

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S3 Storage

Cloudist S3 Storage is a secure and highly versatile storage service designed to address a wide variety of use cases.

As an object storage platform, it is natively optimized for cloud storage in terms of scale, resilience, and accessibility. Cloudist S3 provides compatibility for objects via S3 and DellEMC native APIs. The service is configured to deliver high performance, supporting both large files and a high volume of small files for unstructured content such as long-term backup data or file/videos.

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Disaster Recovery

DRaaS is an essential part of digital transformation and a large business opportunity of about $4.5B in 2020. The segment is growing at the rate of 15.4% through 2023. 1DRaaS offers protection from cyberattacks and enables business continuity in the event of major disruptors

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365 Backup

Microsoft 365 provides powerful services within Office 365 – you would also assume that Microsoft also protects your business critical data. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Vendors like Microsoft does not take any responsibility for your data, or for how you use their application. To be able to quickly bounce back from ransomware attacks, user errors and even permissions fiascos you need a comprehensive backup.

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